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Getting a Refinance Loan

When you choose us for your home refinance, we will endeavor to amaze you with how quickly and easily the loan process progresses. With our support and guidance through every detail, you'll have a home loan that  facilitates your current financial strategy and reinforces the future security of your investment.

During the process of refinancing your home, we will actively maintain communications with you to make sure you are knowledgeable through every step. You can also e-mail us with questions or new information. If you want more personal assistance, your home loan expert is here to answer your questions with just a phone call.

Here's an overview of the refinance loan application process

STEP ONE -- Apply Now! Getting started is easy

The first step is to complete your loan application, which can be done easily and securely on this website. There is no charge to apply!

While the standard Equity Requirement is at least 20% of the home appraisal value, refinances with loans greater than $484,350 or for more than 1 unit may require higher Equity Requirements. Loan limits vary by state.

After you submit your loan application, we will be able to present a customized loan proposal to you.

Upon receipt of the completed, fully executed loan disclosures, along with all the required documentation, we'll order a property appraisal for you.

STEP TWO -- Your Loan is Approved and Funded

You can designate an Escrow/Settlement/Title Company to handle the funding of your loan, along with many other factors which make your refinance transaction go smoothly.

We will coordinate with the escrow team and you'll sign the final papers at their office.

Simple, Straightforward, Cost Effective, and FAST!


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