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Programs and Rates

Please Left Click on the Program of your choice below to see Sample Rate and Payment.

If the Fixed Rate Loan Request is for less than $150,000, please Left Click on the link "Conforming Fixed below $150,000" to view Sample Rate and Payment.

Loans less than $75,000 may be considered on a case by case basis.

Sample Loans shown assume a purchase loan for CA.  We do offer loans in other States.

Please call (800) 633 - 2848 X 4007 for quotes on specific States, Loan Amounts, Rates and Payments.

Sample mortgage rates as of 05/17/2018. Assumes a borrower with excellent credit and rates are subject to change without notice. Loan Level Price Adjustments (LLPA) may apply. Accuracy is not guaranteed and products may not be available for your situation. Loan assumptions and disclosures opens in a new window. Hybrid ARM interest rates and payments subject to change after initial fixed term. Select the Hybrid (Conforming or Jumbo PDF) for important information, including estimated payments and rate adjustment information.


Conforming Fixed    PDF  35.08k    
Conforming Fixed below $150,000    PDF  35.14k    
Conforming Hybrid    PDF  38.74k    
Jumbo Fixed    PDF  34.69k    
Jumbo Hybrid    PDF  38.93k    
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